How can coders help with code reviews?

1. Keep pull requests small!

Try to keep the pull requests as small as possible. When a pull request requires more than three comments- and especially once it reaches five — it is usually a sign that the pull request should have been broken up into smaller pull requests.

2. Be open to feedback!

Remember, it can be just as stressful to give feedback as it is to receive it. Coding is a craft and it is hard to point out ways that someone else’s hard work could be improved.

3. Respond quickly — if you can!

If you have a negative emotional reaction to the review, best to step away. As Oasis so eloquently sang, Don’t Write Back to a Code Review in Anger… or at least that’s how we remember it.

4. Switch to synchronous communication for any follow-up!

Code reviews are usually asynchronous and can be completed thousands of miles apart.



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