How to explain the benefits of code reviews to non-tech people?

First, you will lose engineers without a culture of mentorship and learning.

Engineers are among the most in-demand positions for all companies across the globe. COVID and Work From Home sped up the globalization of the talent market for engineers. As a result, companies need to invest in their Engineers aggressively. If you’re not actively building a great place to work, you’re on the losing end of the war for talent.

Second, you will fast-track the effectiveness and productivity of new engineers.

If you hire new engineers or bring in third-party development shops and freelancers, you want to ramp them up as quickly as possible. Code reviews fast-track the onboarding process.

Third, engineering effectiveness and velocity will be lower without code reviews.

Your CEO will undoubtedly have heard the concept of “10X developers,” rare developers who are significantly more productive than everyone else. Whether or not that’s true, the idea of the 10X developer is informed by a substantial uplift in skillset — and so they are better able to contribute to the code and the team.

How can the rest of the organization’s non-tech employees, such as Product and Sales, assist in making code reviews more effective?

Trust the process

It can feel so urgent that a feature be added right now, or a piece of code pushed to production by the close of business. We get that.

Protect review time

The most essential thing that the rest of the organization can do is understand that code reviews are part of coding and time should be set aside in sprint planning and other kinds of work estimation.

Cement its importance

The point above about formal recognition and or “consequence management,” is as true for the rest of the organization as it is for the Engineering team.



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