Product Update 10.22.21: Introducing Personal Insights

Happy October, Everyone.

We’ve been hard at work improving the product based on your feedback. Thanks to everyone for helping us create a great experience, and please keep the feedback coming.

We’re pleased to release a new dashboard, Personal Insights, and share with you a bit of our philosophy on how we think about code metrics.

New feature: Personal Insights

With Personal Insights we are giving each developer all information about their work, as a Code Author or as a Reviewer, across all repositories.

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The Personal Insights dashboard gives you a summary of the most commonly used Reactions and Tags across all code you’re written and reviewed.

You can toggle between insights from the code reviews you’ve completed and the code you’ve written, across all repos.

And you can filter the stats and Smart Comment activity, by person, time, pull request, type, or keyword. For example, this view shows the Smart Comments that involve the phrase “variable.”

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Our Philosophy: Code is a Craft, Not a competition

Sema believes fiercely that code is a craft, it is not a competition.

Coding tools should support that craft, and give insights for personal growth, exploration, and connection.

We all know too well how metrics can be used for the wrong purposes, or misinterpreted, or both.

And so we are building this product to create insights about coding the right way.

What this means for this product:

  • Each developer will see all of the insights about the code they have written and reviewed
  • There is not a “management view” of these metrics that rolls up and compares developers

If you’d like to learn more about our philosophy, you can read more in our FAQ.

What’s Next?

As always, grateful for your feedback.


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