Product Update Aug.23.2021: Lessons from Week 1, Introducing Community Engineering Guides

Hi, everyone.

I want to share with you a new feature that we released, and how users have been using the product in its first week.

It’s been thrilling to get your feedback. We’re putting it right to work to keep “polishing the pixels” — thank you.

User Feedback: Product Use Cases from the first week!

  • Code Authors have told us that the code reviews are now more precise and the to-dos are more clear.
  • Code Reviewers have told us that writing reviews are faster.
  • Reviewers like the Suggested Comments but want more to choose from… Google’s Java guide is coming next.
  • An Engineering Leader will be looking at the summary statistics about code reviews for his team to see if he should tweak the team’s schedule. For example, he may give more flex time on Fridays if there are too many “Fixes” that day. Here’s that same chart, but for Sema’s code, the product you are currently using:

New Feature: Community Engineering Guides

As we made these comments more succinct, we realized that many of them need some supporting documentation. For example, code examples could help new engineers understand how to properly apply the advice.

To this end, we’ve developed a small but growing library of Community Engineering Guides that are linked to many of our pre-made Suggested Comments.

To give an example:

  • There is a Community Engineering Guide for using Arrow functions in methods, that comes from AirBnB’s React/ JSX style guide.
  • A Reviewer can activate this idea for her code reviews by turning on the React / JSX AirBnB comment collection.
  • Once it’s activated, she can insert the Suggested Comment by searching right in GitHub as shown below:

We will continue to invest in this library of Engineering best practices. It’s open to the public and we hope it becomes a valuable resource for the broader Engineering community.

Check out the Engineering Guides here.

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