Product Update Oct.3.2021: Reuse Your Favorite Code Review Comments

Happy October, everyone.

We’ve had seven releases since our last product update as we move to daily releases. Not Friday releases yet, though…

New feature: Adding Your Own Suggested Comments

Sema has curated Suggested Comments from trusted sources of Engineering wisdom, like the AirBnB style guides and Mitre’s list of potential security warnings.

Now we are releasing the ability to add your own Suggested Comments — so that reviewers can reuse their favorite custom reviews without rewriting them every time.

There are two ways to add your own.

First, you can add your Personal Comments in the My Comments collection on the Suggested Comments page:

The second way is to click the blue “Save” button while you are leaving a code review, then click “Comment” to submit the review.

With either method, you can then enter that comment from the Search comment library bar.

Remember — be sure to make your personal collections ACTIVE so they appear while you are reviewing.

Enhancement: More Code Insights through customizable charts

We have made the summary charts more powerful, more accessible (thank you for the suggestion, Gentle User!), and filterable.

  • You can filter the charts on the Code stats page by custom date filters
  • When you hover over the charts, a tooltip appears with more detail

What’s next?

Team suggested comments — the ability to create a private set of coding guidelines shared just with your team — are coming soon.

As always, grateful for your feedback and I welcome hearing your thoughts.


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