The Craft of Coding and Code Metrics for Open Source

1 min readMay 26, 2022

Sema‘s CEO Matt Van Itallie recently joined the CHAOSS community podcast with Georg Link, Ph.D., and Sean Goggins to talk about Open Source, measuring codebase health, third party codebase risk, and what it means to treat code as a craft.

CHAOSS is a project from The Linux Foundation project focused on creating analytics and metrics to help define community health.

“Code is a craft. That means that creators matter a ton because there’s so much institutional knowledge in their heads about how things fit together and the meaning of it. Craftspeople create meaning that is incredibly hard to transfer.”

The panelists also shared a moment of appreciation:- for Georg, his new home- for Sean, very durable bike tires- for Matt, the mentorship and support he’s gotten from Kunal Kushwaha and Eddie Jaoude

Listen to the podcast here.

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